Taking a break from everyday stressors, responsibilities necessary


Posted: Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Most people nowadays have what you might call busy lives.

There are bills to pay, houses to clean, people to take care of and possibly school and jobs to go to.

With these responsibilities, one might imagine that a person would have little time for a completely relaxing and enjoyable moment.

Over time, stress could be more and more piled up, leaving an undeniably stressed and unhappy person. How would one relieve some of that stress without ditching those responsibilities?

It may be as easy as taking just enough time to enjoy some of life’s smaller things. Small yet just as pleasing. There will always be little things in the background, just waiting for someone to enjoy them, if only we could slow down enough to notice them. A rose can always be smelled, a

a joke can always be laughed at, a sunset can always be watched, a loved one can always use a hug. Smile, sing, dance, shout, play, skip, laugh — the possibilities are endless.

A perfect example of noticing one of life’s simplicities happened to me not too long ago. I had a busy night at work, and I was extremely tired and ready to go home. It was about 11 p.m. and I was driving to my house, when out of nowhere, I noticed the stars (not for the first time of course) but they looked extra beautiful that night, and they put a smile on my face. Just looking at the stars that night calmed me and relieved a little stress from my night’s work.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a long day — a very long and tiresome day. Overall, I was exhausted. I invited a couple of my girlfriends over, and we started listening to music. After a while, we started busting out good ol’ Britney Spears and Spice Girls, until we were all up dancing and singing! Talk about a spirit booster!

Some people relax after a hard day by going home and taking it easy. Some people would rather invite some close friends over and veg out in front of the television.

I would much rather prefer coming home (only for a quick freshen up) then leaving to hang out with some friends —anything to keep me from doing nothing.

My friends keep me laughing and that is the best way to relieve stress (for me anyways).

My mom, however, is the opposite. She would rather take a book or magazine into the quiet of her room, and my brother, who is 13, would prefer the great outdoors, playing sports, riding anything motorized or doing anything that involves risk and adventure.

To tell the truth, I was fairly stressed out over this article. I was constantly thinking (Oh no, what should I write about?). I was so distracted about it, and I would almost feel sick when I thought of how little time I had left.

Of course, hanging out with friends wouldn’t help my situation, so I had to resort to sitting in front of the computer, listening to music, and staring at my empty Microsoft Word document.

I love writing, but sometimes the topics elude my brain. I did this more than once over the past couple of days, and I ended up missing out on some things because I was so distracted.

I wonder what the world would be like without stress. But would it really be all that cool? If no one ever had to deal with stress, no one would really appreciate the good times as much, and by and by, the good times would slowly slip away, just as if someone missed out because of his or her busy schedule.

Aren’t the good times what we are supposed to experience here on this earth? But how can we do that if we are all so concerned with our hectic lives?

I think we need to take more time to notice the small things; stop to smell a flower, or make time to bake some cookies, or even take a walk in the rain. These are some of the things we are living for.

Lorena Whitaker is a senior at Soldotna High School.

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