Assessment doesn't smell right

Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you Mayor Dave Carey, in keeping your campaign promise, given at my brother's house in Nikiski, you said, "I promise to bum, beg, borrow, or steal every dime I can from the government."

From close observation, it appears that you meant from all the people, which is of course the real governing body. You remember and recognize that don't you? "We the people, by the people and for the people ..."

You may be saying that you are cutting back on government jobs, however, that appears to be somewhat of a contradiction since you have repeatedly given large pay raises and jobs to good friends of yours whom you know will tell you what you want to hear and give you the support you don't deserve, regardless of truth and righteousness.

Recently, because of the truth of your deviousness unfolding, I have told some of my friends, "If you think he talks fast, just wait and see just how fast his hands reach into your pockets!" The smell your words and actions are spreading is just about the same smell which assails a person standing next to an outhouse that 20 road workers just abused repeatedly.

You have doubled my taxes this year. Once again, I remind you of your promise that you would steal every dime you could.

Am I to assume that this criminal misuse and mis-direction of power a gift? Is the assessor perpetrating this crime to compensate for the pay increase you gave him? Or do you deceivers actually think that since I am a senior citizen that I am getting too senile to notice a theft when it occurs? And theft it is when an assessor would lower the taxes on a piece of property a hair over two acres with my house on it $2,000, which I might add I do not have to pay anyway, being a senior, while the property right next to me which is one acre, a vacant lot with no improvements or utilities was raised from $3,100 to $7,700 dollars.

They have an old saying even you may have heard, but I will share it with you anyway, because I am very aware of it, that is, "Stealing from Peter to feed Paul"

I think that pretty well sums up your actions, don't you? Was the absolute redundancy of your lowering my taxes on property that is covered by my senior citizen status supposed to equivocate a pat on the back with one hand so I wouldn't notice you picking my pocket with the other?

If so, you can keep it and give us back the assessor's pay raise and (We the people and for the people) will find someone who actually produces honest, good and righteous actions in behalf of us all. We have had enough of the deceit and manipulation of public funds for private gain or government deception. How is it the government always justifies stealing from the producing people of the nation, to pad the pocket of those who don't?

Dale McGahan


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