Cutting down on light pollution neighborly thing to do

Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010

Hooray for Les Palmer for bringing to our attention the terrible light trespass of yard lights. Like Les, we love the beauty of a clear, dark evening and beholding the marvelous, magnificent night sky. That is a rarity however, as the glaring glow of our neighbor's yard light, reflected from high above his reflective white house, blasts our property with mercury vapor light, illuminating all of our buildings, property and home, creating an eerie green light that illuminates our closed bedroom lights and preventing us from observing our celestial magnificence.

From our bedroom window we can see the glow of the Sterling Highway road light miles away. Why, I say, is there a need to illuminate a two-mile stretch of near deserted evening road? It is not only a waste of state money but also an intrusion to the privacy of those who border the road.

So, for those of you readers who have yard lights, please be courteous to your neighbors by baffling or removing your lights so that the night sky can be observed in all its splendor. That's being a good neighbor.

Frank Kufel


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