What does this quote have to do with Proposition No. 1 on cocurricular activities?

Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Simple. Every family has a limited amount of resources, whether you are in the highest tax bracket or on welfare. You must make choices. Families might spend their extra money on vacations, snowmachines, booze, cigarettes or fancier food. Some people choose to take responsibility for their precious children's education through private home schooling or private schools.

Just about every cocurricular activity has a private sector counterpart. There are sports opportunities through Little League, Pop Warner Football, Boys and Girls Club, Kenai Peninsula Hockey Association, etc. Various choral and orchestral opportunities also are available. The Kenai Performers have given valuable training to young thespians. The list goes on.

Cocurricular activities are popular simply because they are often the only worthwhile activities happening for many children in our government schools. That is precisely why we should vote "no" on Proposition No. 1.

Those of us who are taking the financial responsibility for our children's education should not be penalized twice for that use of our funds. We already are bound by the state constitution to fund government education the basics of education, mind you. There is no reason to be forced (ultimately, at the point of a gun) to also fund the "fun" things at the government schools.

It would be more appropriate to start a fund to assist the third of the population that truly would be financially unable to pay their own way for cocurricular activities. To the other two-thirds of the government school population: It is time to re-direct some of your family's available extra money to your children. Make choices. Take responsibility.

Vote "no" on Proposition No. 1. If you agree with this letter, then I suggest checking out www.HonestEd.com.

Vicki Pate


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