Freedom natural consequence of Christian roots of nation

Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2004

In response to Jenni Dillon's column "In not too distant past, traditional marriage more about money than love" (Peninsula Clarion, March 21), I would like to better understand what she means by "celebrat(ing) American freedom" which, according to Dillon, is the basic foundation of our country.

What exactly is American freedom and how does one celebrate American freedom? Is this freedom indeed the basic foundation of our country?

It appears that Dillon believes the notion of freedom in and of itself is the cornerstone of our nation. However, upon further consideration of the formation of the United States of America, it seems to me that freedom was not the foundation of this country. Freedom is a natural consequence of the Christian roots of our nation.

Ahh, everyone cringes at the "C" word, especially when linked to government. However, it would be obtuse to believe that our nation was formed void of any religious influences. In fact, careful study of the founders of our nation will reveal that most were in fact Christian (or shall I say Deists?).

The principles of freedom and equality which our country prides itself in were direct consequences of the Christian values held by our founders. I point out this link between our nation and religion because Dillon discussed the foundations of our country, yet failed to acknowledge the true foundations. She mentioned freedom and equality, yet failed to give credit to the source of the principles.

As much as we would like to segregate religion and government, it would be false to deny the influence that religion played in the formation of our nation.

Sara Beth Krein


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