Time for animal control in the borough

Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am truly in a conundrum. I have exhausted my efforts, and am coming up with nothing. My problem? Stray dogs running in small packs in our subdivision! Yesterday, I was almost attacked by a pit bull that popped out of the trees on a walk with my own dog. He charged at me, barking, and we went the other direction to avoid it. Then, out of the other yard (didn't recognize whose dog) was a big mean rottie heading for us. We ended up on a 10 minute walk, and back inside with me yelling at the dogs to go home. I called animal control in Kenai, and because we are in the borough, we're outta luck.

Yes I could call the Troopers, but its a borough problem! Get an animal control division for us please! I was told by someone at the Kenai Animal Shelter they have numerous calls about dogs down here running amok. Apparently, when you let your dog run wild and free, they become prey to coyotes and everything else. There is a huge dog problem out here. No one seems to care, or, they proclaim there is no need. There is. I'm putting it out there right here and now that something needs to be done. You get stonewalled by everyone when you call to report it. It's stupid to me that its just tolerated.

Well, I'm not tolerating it anymore. Put your dogs on a run, on a chain whatever, keep them in your yard! This is why people end up shooting dogs. I don't even know who owns these animals or I would talk to the neighbors. Because of this, I'm having to endure it while their owners are either at home ignoring their dogs while they run wild, or at work.

If you own a dog, and live within the Borough, and you agree with me, please write our Kenai representatives. I don't know where else to start. Take a gander at Dog Gone News sometime, look at all the dogs and cats that get lost every single day because of people who don't care. Shame on you! Would you leave a 5-year-old outside all day while you were at work? No! Pony up and do the right thing!

Kara Steele


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