Good luck is here for Alaska

Posted: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great news for Alaskans who value the governorship of Egan, Hammond, or Hickel. Great opportunity is here for high school graduates, home builders, teachers, small business owners, Alaska's major industries, and support business. Year-round Alaska families clearly see we need better, more confident leadership for our state. Bill Walker, candidate for governor is the best choice for us. Here's why:

Bill Walker has knowledgeable, workable solutions. His plan is the most direct, sure way to get our Alaska economy back on track. "If elected governor, we would start laying pipe within three years. The building of the All-Alaska gasline would create thousands upon thousands of good paying jobs for Alaskans," says Bill Walker. The All-Alaska gasline is a world-class pipeline, appropriate in size for our large state.

Other gas "in-state" projects, by any other name, are inadequate junior-size projects. Please appreciate Walker's pledge to follow Alaska's Constitution, that of developing Alaska's Natural Resources for maximum benefit for its people. Walker intends to do what we Alaskans ordered in 2002; a directive of 138,000 voters to build the All-Alaska gasline. The corresponding state statute is on the books (AS 41.41.010). The state and federal ROWs were previously approved for the All-Alaska line. The environmental impact statements are complete. Alaska should be building the All-Alaska gasline today.

Returning to a correct Constitutional course will result in positive economic factors for all involved. North Slope producers will have "reasonable expectation" of profit. BP has stated they will ship gas if a reasonable expectation of profit exists and in fact the leases obligate them to do so. Elect Bill Walker (as Governor) and Alaskans will have reasonable expectations also including liquid natural gas exports and jobs, natural gas liquid manufacturing jobs, with abundant, affordable energy for Alaska families way into the future and jobs.

Stable energy production from Chugach Electric alone, would renew economic development interest from private enterprise. New businesses in Alaska would energize existing segments of Alaska's economy. The Kenai Peninsula member owned, electric cooperative (effective April 1, 2010) will pass on to we consumers 16.54 percent rate increase to cover fixed costs plus wholesale power cost rate adjustments from Anchorage-based Chugach Electric Association. The latter is caused by rising gas price and inconsistent gas availability. Building the All-Alaska gasline ASAP, would lead to reducing our electric bills.

Bill Walker, the All-Alaska Governor, is the only man running who has immediate solutions and who will guarantee "fiscal certainty" for Alaskans. Please participate. Make sure you are registered Republican, Undeclared, or Non-Partisan, ready to vote for Bill Walker. This important primary election takes place on Aug. 24.

Debbie Holle Brown


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