Writer feels life's pressures; tries to slow down


Posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life seems to be hard enough by itself. Not to mention my efforts to make it to work, school, practice; the list goes on and on. When do I stop to take time and enjoy life? After all this is the only one I get.

I've come to realize the importance of relaxation. It's crucial to make time for the things that are important, no matter how busy life seems to get.

It feels liberating to put things in perspective and think about what it is I need to do opposed to the things I have committed myself to that don't matter. Sometimes just thinking about the things I need to accomplish in one day weighs me down. At the age of 18, I feel I am far too young to get settled into a stressful daily routine.

Sometimes just jammin' out to my ipod helps relieve stress and free my mind from the obligations that seem to weigh me down. I have become fond of daydreaming, which I have found to be a subconscious behavior. Thoughts of things I need to accomplish, plans for the weekend and boys start to take over my train of thought.

Some days it's just one thing after another: wake up, still tired on the drive to school, go to piano lessons, go to work, while at work think about what to have for dinner, go home, eat, do laundry, workout, go to bed and do the whole thing over again the next day. It's this routine that I am trying desperately to stay away from.

I believe it has become accepted that people rush through the day. I learned that in countries like Italy, people take a few hours for lunch every day and in Mexico they take what's called a siesta, which is a period of time in the afternoon for relaxation.

I think in this aspect I could take some lessons from these countries and take enough time to make sure I'm enjoying myself. Life is too short to waste being unhappy. I know this is easier said than done. However, a positive outlook is a better alternative to being in a stressed state of mind. I've also been trying to make sure that I sit down when I eat and don't rush to finish. This seems like it helps my body to slow down and unwind. Laughing can be a subconscious behavior that helps to relieve stress, and it just helps to get a smile on your face, even on some very bad days. I've heard that is sets off endorphins in the brain that stimulate the feeling of happiness. Sometimes if I just think of something funny when I'm in a bad mood it will get me laughing, then without realizing it I find myself in a better mood.

Hopefully, I can learn to mellow out on things in my life and most of all take the time to enjoy the good things life has to offer on a daily basis.

This article is the opinion of Maria Perzechino. Perzechino is a senior at Skyview High School.

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