One pipeline good enough

Posted: Monday, March 26, 2007

Deal or No-Deal; It’s time to flip that lid or push the button, but remember that $500 million AGIA money up on the board is already yours. That seed money properly spent could finance a major part of the size gas-pipline we really need for our energy needs in (Southcentral) AK. We have a very strong chip to play in the upcoming struggle to gain a spot in the ever changing PAC Rim energy market. That chip is we already have an oil pipeline! Face the facts a cross Canada route will double the life of the pipelines supply. We just need to convince G-7-8 that they won’t need to build another oil pipeline just bring their oil down our line and keep in running. Because folks the oil flowing at Prudhoe is going to slow to a trickle when we tap that gas pressure that pressurizes the flow of oil from those old sands. Then what will we pump down our real treasure which is the Pipeline built with the combined toil of a very talented population of overachievers and ambitious sourdoughs.

Then the only change that will be noticeable is just how fast Valdez turns to rust. It’s time to maximize returns from investments made in the public interest for a change. For make no mistake the rest of that industrial world out there is ready to jump that LNG market before say AGIA.

Dennis Barnard


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