Borough's excuse ludicrous

Posted: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I think Sunday's paper had the most outrageous justification for bureaucratic thievery I have ever heard.

To paraphrase the borough's assessor's office: We needed more money, so we got new software that made all the property more valuable, so we were forced to raise the taxes on everybody.

Isn't it amazing the way bureaucrats (and bankers) talk to the public like we never heard of the computer age?

Software is not manifest out of the ether, it is written to do what the designer wishes it to do. So, if the borough wants your property to be more valuable, they just order up software that will make it so.

To try to tell us they just didn't have any choice is beyond ludicrous.

Mayor John Williams said the increased sales tax revenues would mean no increase in property taxes.

Surprise! Turns out he needs both to satisfy his need to spend, spend, spend.

It is time for the borough citizens to put a stop to this nonsense.

John R. Midkiff


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