Snow removal or snow blockage?

Posted: Thursday, March 26, 2009

You would think the snow removal equipment in Alaska was here to help us when needed. Not always true. This past week after the 4- to 5-inch wet snow that fell in Sterling, I was at the Sterling Senior Center after the snowplow came by to remove the snow on the two adjacent streets that run perpendicular to the Sterling Highway beside the center.

Instead of removing the snow, the plow driver managed to pile up over a foot of snow in front of all four of the entrances on these two streets. Three of these are the only driveways for the handicap and elderly housing and one leads to the entrance of the center itself making it impossible to use any of these four entrances.

The only entrance available for use was the one entering the center off the main highway. Fortunately, the driver did not block this entrance with snow so there was still one exit available in case of an emergency.

After doing a little research, I was told the plow trucks have the end caps to the blades that prevent this from happening but don't use them because they are too difficult to put on or take off.

So my question is why don't they just leave them on for the entire season? Wouldn't this be a polite solution for these elderly folks at the senior housing and for other homes along our roads so people would not have to hand shovel the mess that these plow trucks make?

Bill Lowe


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