Rumley inducted into Hall of Fame

Posted: Friday, March 26, 2010

Longtime bowler Donna Rumley was inducted into the Soldotna-Kenai Women's Bowling Association Hall of Fame at the opening ceremonies of the 50th annual Women's State tournament, which was held at Alaskalanes.

Donna Rumley

To be inducted into a Hall of Fame in sports takes a mountainous amount of effort and list of achievements. Donna not only has acquired the necessary grocery list of achievements, but she has also given quite a bit back to the sport.

Donna was introduced to the sport as a child, through her parents. In an e-mail interview, Donna recalled one of her more memorable moments was, "The day I bowled a fun game with my family at a reunion and beat my Dad's score, it was a major highlight!"

A couple of decades later, Donna continues her winning ways. However, now it's on a much larger scale.

Below is a list of Donna's State tournament highlights:

* 1990 State Tournament, first place Doubles.

* 1991 State Tournament, first place Singles.

* High game, 11 strikes in a row, 290.

* 2001 State Tournament, Division I first place Team.

* 2001 State Tournament, Division II first place Singles.

* 2005 State Tournament, Division I, first place Team.

* 2006 State Tournament, Division I, first place Team.

* 2010 State Senior Tournament, Division D, first place.

* 2010 State Tournament Division II Doubles, second place out of a field of 76.

* Division II all-events 13th place at 2,024 out of a field of 69.

Here are some of Donna's Alaskalanes season highlights:

* 55 Plus league, high scratch game/series 234/619, high handicap game/series 282/763.

* sixth place in women's season high series 619.

One of the more important jobs in businesses, and especially in league bowling, is the work performed by secretaries. Below is a list of some of the duties that Donna Rumley performed for several years as league secretary for the youth bowlers.

* Prior to the start of the season she makes calls to team captains and verifies they are returning and ensures they have a full roster. If more bowlers or teams are needed, she makes the calls.

* Open bank accounts.

* First night of league -- provide membership cards, complete sanction applications and ensure fees are paid.

* Each night of league, pay lineage.

* Make weekly deposits after verifying funds collected.

* Enter weekly scores, print recap sheets for next week, print and post standing sheet, print forms for awards earned and forward to association manager, hand out awards received.

* Enforce league rules.

* At end of season, determine winners and hand out awards, poll bowlers to see who will be returning in the fall.

Congratulations, Donna, on your colossal and historic achievement and thank you for your contribution to the sport.

Final results from the 50th Annual Women's State Championship Tournament.

All results are with handicap included.

Divisions are separated by averages

Bowler Hometown Score


Div. I

Cindy Coty Soldotna 2,185

Rebecca Osimowicz North Pole 2,142

Rhonda Shouse North Pole 2,128

Div. II

Eliza Haley Homer 2,193

Phyllis Cousins Soldotna 2,076

Annette Berg North Pole 2,050

Div. III

Brandee Wehrstein Kenai 2,316

Jordan Liedes Kenai 2,268

Valerie Leggett Sterling 2,249


Div. I

Rebecca Osimowicz North Pole 773

Cindy Coty Soldotna 753

Peggy Marchant Soldotna 731

Div. II

Eliza Haley Homer 733

Keri Kaune Kodiak 701

Annette Berg North Pole 695

Linda Meyer Skagway 695

Div. III

Jordan Liedes Soldotna 795

Valerie Leggett Sterling 756

Marty Zoda Kenai 751

DoublesDiv. I

Linda Mohr/Katherine Lanehart Eagle River 1,395

Jordan Liedes/Teresa Liedes Kenai 1,352

Rosie Thibodeau/Leslie Dumont Juneau 1,347

Div. II

Rita Youngberg/Rebecca Osimowicz North Pole 1,411

Phyllis Cousins/Donna Rumley Soldotna 1,410

Joy Erickson/Shirley Paulsen Ketchikan 1,398

Div. III

Brandee Wehrstein/Marty Zoda Kenai 1,436

Valerie Leggett/Iona Mahan Sterling 1,401

Colleen Denbrock/Patricia Nikolas Soldotna 1,401


Div. I

Moms & Dolls Soldotna/North Pole 2,744

Ball Busters Soldotna 2,666

Moms & Daughters Soldotna 2,644

Div. II

Mexico Here We Come Soldotna 2,817

Tuesday Troop Soldotna 2,727

Ball Busters II Homer 2,722

Div. III

Goofy Girlz Kenai 2,864

Bowlaholic's Soldotna 2,746

Fantastic Four Kenai 2,734

In order for an event, especially one of this size and magnitude to run smoothly and efficiently, it usually relies heavily on volunteers. The SKWBA would like to thank the many volunteers who donated their time and assistance during the 50th Annual Women's State tournament.

Here is a list of volunteers who are not members of the SKWBA: Shalynda Daigle, Mikayla Miller, Tori Askin, Amber Nikolas, Rebecca Axtell, Emily Axtell, Gavin Mikesell, Kathy Waterbury, Jamie Petterson, Mike Burzinski and Joe Deveaux.

Some tournament highlights and personal achievements listed below.

* High Game -- Tiffany Lebahn 10-strikes-in-a-row, 287; Soni Burzinski, 258.

* High Series -- Tiffany Lebahn, 716; Soni Burzinski, 642.

* Marti Pierce -- First time rolling a 200 game in State tournament and rolled a new personal high series 204, 154, 149 for a 507 series.

* Marie Miller with triplicate 171 games.

* Peggy Marchant with 181, 193, 233 for a 607 series.

* Cindy Coty with 216, 194, 191 for a 601 series.

* Denise Sipes with a 223 game.

* Sue Coup with a 214 game.

* Valerie Leggett with 132, 169, 140 for a 441 series, which is 159 pins over average.

* Dollie Nicholson with 135, 191, 141 for a 467 series, which is 116 pins over average.

Did you know ...

According to VolunteeringINAmerica, Alaska ranks fourth in volunteer rate with 189,100 volunteers per year, 28.4 million hours of service per year, 57.1 hours per resident and $575 million of service contributed per year.

Bowler's Corner is submitted by Randy Stiedl. For any questions, comments or suggestions e-mail

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