Woman pleads for aid for the homeless

Posted: Monday, March 27, 2006

Kenai Peninsula residents, wake up. There is a real need for a shelter just for women, women who don’t have kids and aren’t battered.

Why, because there are so many homeless women who need help starting over in life.

I can’t find a shelter or government program willing to help me or others. Everyone talks about it, but they do absolutely nothing.

Eventually, women turn to drinking, drugging and bad men.

Women in general don’t have good self-esteem and when your are homeless it’s worse than you can ever imagine.

I have so many ideas for a shelter, but nobody will come forward to help. Doesn’t anybody care, these women were once mothers and wives and they are not dumb.

Any circumstance in this day and age might have led them there.

Is there anybody who cares? Anybody?

Beth Pierce


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