Reader upset with fire coverage

Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

My family and I read all the articles written by your paper regarding the tragic fire that took four lives. We decided it would be best not to be suspicious of foul play and wait for all the facts to come in before we jumped to any conclusions. We decided that it would be a terrible wrong to be suspicious of anything that turned out to not be true.

Reporting the news is a huge responsibility. What you left out of your article is, to me, appalling. How does being burned on numerous locations on his body and half burned underwear translate into uninjured? Did you attempt to find the individual who helped him try to kick in the door? Why did you report that he was uninjured?

After reading Mr. Hunt's unimaginable scenario of what happened, I feel ashamed of myself. You should, too.

Bill Niederhauser


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