Athletes different than they used to be

Posted: Friday, March 27, 2009

Congratulations to our No. 1 athlete in the world, Lance Mackey.

On the last weekend, while Lance and his dogs were freezing, a golfer received $1.4 million for playing four sessions of about five hours each in the sunshine, plus several million dollars in sponsorships. Baseball players get $25 million a year and don't play in bad weather. Football, basketball, hockey and all the other sports receive huge salaries and do nothing like caring for a kennel of dogs 24 hours and day, 365 days a year to receive a $69,000 check and new pickup truck.

As closely as the dogs are checked, I don't think they had to rely on drugs like the many superstars of our sports world have to do to make people think they are somewhat superhuman.

I was selected to the Iowa State High School all-state baseball team in 1949. The Major League Baseball players of my day, like Bob Feller, were playing for a few thousand dollars a year and no one since, even with the help of drugs, have been able to throw a baseball faster than he did.

It is pathetic to see all of our present day athletes use drugs, constantly one or more are being arrested on felony charges, they have no control over their luxurious lifestyle except to think they are something special. If and when they prove themselves like the athletes of my day, they could be honored, but I have doubts in my mind about every record that is set today.

All my life I've been involved in sports -- coaching and managing Little League boys, my wife managing and myself coaching girls fast pitch softball for about 12 years and bowling all my life. Sports and honesty have been dishonored by so many persons.

Paul D. Morrison


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