Another AIG story

Posted: Friday, March 27, 2009

Ten years ago my wife was in a terrible car wreck. Unconscious and taken to emergency, she underwent weeks of chiropractic treatment, itself resulting for a time in severe head pain. As I attempted to receive funds for another car of similar model and safety features, our insurer AIG fought me on the price of such a replacement from a local car lot.

Finally, with the help of an attorney they agreed in writing to pay an amount reached through a process of written value statements from a minimum of three new/used car dealers of long standing reputation. I had to fly to the largest city in the state for these like model costs.

Submitting the three bona fide numbers with dealers' signatures, dates, etc., AIG simply refused to meet even an average amount of the values. The average amount was about $13,000. AIG paid us $9,000 and said to take them to court if we weren't satisfied.

Now, here is the kicker: The police reports and all witnesses identified the other person as at fault and AIG stood to recover any costs from the other driver's company. And yet, there was no reaching an agreement enabling us to purchase anything but an older vehicle.

That folks is AIG. Hope someone can learn from our mistake.

Barrie Lowe


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