Spring has sprung at Trinity Greenhouse

Posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2006



While the Kenai River remains choked with ice and snow continues to cover last year’s lawn and gardens, Ron Sexton at Trinity Greenhouse on K-Beach Rd. has orchids blooming, tomato plants budding and waterfalls babbling. For the last 28 years Ron and his brother Dan and their families have been able to experience the more traditional things of spring such as flowers and vegetable planting regardless of their global location. The early springs of the last few years have some folks a little anxious to trade their snow shovels for garden spades, but Ron says this year isn’t really any later than usual, “Breakup seems to have been a little early the last few years, but this year is probably more normal for Alaska. The rule of thumb for setting plants outside in ground here never changes, it’s Memorial Day weekend. You might get lucky some years, but others can nail you real hard even when the ground is warm and workable. I recommend putting plants into 4 inch pots from their 6-pack starting’s which will allow the root system to develop and then put your plants out after they have been hardened off and it’s not as cold as even the first part of June can be,” said Sexton.

Sexton says that the roll-a-coaster winter with rain and sub-zero temperatures has put the frost pretty deep into the ground this year which may detrimental to some yard trees, “The ground right now with all the cold and rain is literally like an ice cube and while some plants can tolerate cold or moisture, they don’t like being frozen in an ice cube. With the deep frost the voles may not be able to go underground to feed and girdle some trees instead of eating your bulbs.” That means there may be plenty of use for that green thumb re-planting shrubs and ornamentals this year once spring finally does arrive.

In the meantime a visit to Trinity Greenhouse before the spring rush is always a pleasant planning and inspirational experience. For nearly three decades the Sexton’s have been providing landscape and gardening enthusiasts with top quality plant and shrubs stock. They have built their reputation on customer satisfaction and are known for only handling the highest quality products from potting soil to garden seeds. For more information call Ron or Kathy at 262-9242.

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