Opening ANWR will serve future generations

Posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2006

While I understand the concern many have regarding the preservation of ANWR I want to please ask that some who make broad sweeping comments such as “the will of the people” (Letters to the Editor, March 22) to remember there are quite a few of us on the other side of the “fence” whom you do not represent.

I want to know what exactly we are supposed to preserve for future generations? I’ve been to the northern interior and slope area many times and I haven’t seen ANWR so while not impossible it’s likely that the majority of us will only see ANWR on the television set and I want to also remind detractors that supporters of opening ANWR are asking that only a very small area be opened.

I want to state that while I happen to support the preservation of the wildlife and habitat area of ANWR, I also support petroleum exploration for in doing so we may also serve to preserve future generations here in Alaska.

Nate Esteban


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