Thought of school uniforms makes writer cringe


Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I recently heard that the Legislature is considering passing a bill that will require elementary and middle school students to start wearing uniforms, and require high school students start wearing them later as well.

The first thing that pops into my mind is hideous plaid pleated skirts for the girls, ties and slacks for the guys, and screams of horror from every teenage student in the state of Alaska. Yikes! Uniforms? I don’t know about you, but I can sense a serious rebellion coming on, if not from the elementary school kids, then from the middle and high school students. Well, I guess I can kind of see where there may be a few good points to having us look alike. It would save money for parents, among other things.

I will try to be fair. Having uniforms wouldn’t be a half bad idea in some cases. I mean, during all your years in school, you can’t say that there wasn’t one outcast in your class that was made fun of for the clothes they wore, whether their clothes were old, the wrong size, or just plain weird. I’m pretty sure every school has one. A uniform would be a way to eliminate that. Some people can’t afford the latest American Eagle jeans or the newest T-shirt from Hurley. Heck, some people just don’t like to wear things that are in fashion at all.

For some people, what they wear is just as much a part of their personality as how they act, what sports they do or don’t do, or who they hang out with. It’s individuality. It’s also where a big problem is going to come from if students are forced into wearing identical outfits. I mean, I’m a twin. Identical school uniforms equals a nightmare in the making! I can think of a lot of examples of people who freak out if they are wearing the same shirt or pair of jeans as a person they don’t like. Try putting them in matching uniforms. In my opinion, people just won’t like the whole uniform idea, period. Some kids may even go to the extent of not coming to school at all if it means wearing one of those monstrosities.

This idea may seem practical for adults who don’t have to wear the uniforms, believe it will solve bullying and other problems, and see it as a way to save money on the annual school clothes shopping trips. I suppose it would save some money, but what parents aren’t taking into account is that the money they’ll save on school clothes won’t compensate for the money it’ll take to bribe their children into those uniforms. To me, that seems a thought worthy of some consideration.

I know that this whole uniform idea probably won’t actually happen. I thought that writing about this may give people a hint at what’s to come if they try it, though. Don’t get the wrong idea. Uniforms wouldn’t be too bad and probably wouldn’t look that horrid. Still, there’s doubt that the kids having to wear them would ever welcome the idea with open arms. So be thankful for now that we can still dress the way we choose. Be glad still have our own individuality.

This column is the opinion of Mallory Millay, a junior at Skyview High School.

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