Sitka Sound sac roe herring catch tops quota

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2001

SITKA (AP) -- Seiners in the Sitka Sound are over the top, as far as sac roe herring is concerned.

In the season's fourth 15-minute opener Tuesday, seiners netted nearly 4,900 tons of fish.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game said the large catch brought the total for the season to 12,376 tons. That's about 1,800 tons over the 10,600-ton quota.

Biologist Bill Davidson said the herring resource appears to be in excellent condition, with a healthy and robust stock. He said the overrun is not a great concern.

Davidson said the department will continue to monitor spawning in Sitka Sound over the coming weeks.

Although final prices are not yet known, Davidson said the high roe percentages of this year's catch will likely put the ex-vessel value of the fishery at around $6 million.

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