Fort Wainwright soldiers investigated for shooting a moose

Posted: Friday, March 29, 2002

FORT WAINWRIGHT (AP) -- Four soldiers at Fort Wainwright are being investigated for the illegal shooting of a moose, Wainwright officials said Thursday.

The four allegedly were involved in shooting a cow moose south of the Black Rapids Training Facility on Tuesday.

The off-duty soldiers -- all assigned to the Northern Warfare Training Center -- were driving on back roads when they saw the moose. Officials said one soldier shot the moose and injured it, then one of the others fired more shots, killing it.

Fish and Wildlife Protection troopers from Delta Junction issued citations to two sergeants for taking a cow moose in closed season.

Sgt. Aaron K. Forry, 23, and Sgt. Neil Tyler Duchesneau, 29, were both charged with the misdemeanor offense.

Troopers confiscated the meat and will donate it to a charity.

Wainwright officials said the four improperly used a government vehicle to recover the meat. That is considered by the military to be a serious violation.

''It is a serious charge and we are investigating,'' said Linda Douglass, a Fort Wainwright spokeswoman.

Capt. Christopher Plummer, commander of the Northern Warfare Training Center, said similar activities will not be tolerated. To prevent future incidents, privately-owned weapons have been banned from the Black Rapids Training Facility.

Soldiers are informed of the consequences of violating hunting and fishing regulations when they first arrive in Alaska.

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