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Posted: Monday, March 29, 2004

My hero is my fiance, Alan Leslie. On Feb. 25, we went up to Crescent Lake snowmachining with two other friends of ours. We were all having a great time, then we got into high-marking on this very steep mountain. I went up it two times, being a 23-year veteran of snowmachining. My third time up, I didn't quite make it. I hit a slight bump that threw me from the machine. The track literally ate my leg up, breaking both bones from the knee down, shattering the large bone above my ankle, shattering my ankle, fracturing my heel and breaking the small bone in half, right below the bend in my knee on the back of my leg.

The machine didn't even get a bruise, let alone a scratch. It headed up from my leg 20 more feet up the mountain then started rolling down toward me. I was able to pull my upper body over so the machine only nicked my helmet, taking it down the hill with the machine.

I could have died that day. I was in shock for four days. It took them three hours to get me and the four machines out of Crescent Lake and then another two hours to drive me to the hospital. In the emergency room, they casted my left leg almost up to my hip.

Alan had to literally carry me everywhere for a week. Even into the second week, he fed me, bathed me, bed-panned me and dealt with extreme mental agony along with me.

Then, on his 44th birthday, March 3, I went in surgery for 6 1/2 hours, waking up in ICU. Dr. McCord put a rod and several screws in my left leg from the knee down to my ankle. Throughout this time, Alan found a house for us to live in, since at the time we were living in a travel trailer. He missed a week of drilling at his job, and he also had to cancel our plane tickets, as we were planning to leave March 16 for Kansas and be married on March 20. For now, our wedding is postponed until I am able to walk, which could be three months.

Alan is my hero. He saved my life, he is the wind beneath my wings and I am truly in love with my soulmate, Alan Leslie.

I'd also like to add that there are several other people involved in being here for me through this traumatic event and time. You all know who you are, and I love and thank everyone of you for your help, care and concern.

Kristy Speakman, Soldotna

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