Outdoors with John Perkovich

Posted: Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Well, John is up at Crosswinds catching Burbot, Lake Trout and White Fish, so I will try and let you in on what is happening. Crosswinds you say, why that is nothing unusual for John Perkovich and yet I was really worried about him taking this trip this time. Now I am a perpetual worrywart and I fight with that all the time, but I do not usually worry about John taking any hunting or fishing trips. This time however he left 4 days after having an umbilical hernia repaired. John has had the "belly button hernia" for awhile and it was quite small, but as good old Doc Sangster said "It could get bigger anytime and probably not at a convenient time." I figure it would have busted open sometime when John was trying to hall a moose home and he would have had to decide whether to bring his guts or the moose home. So we decided this would be a good time to get it repaired while he had some time off. Yep, that was a surgery done under general anesthesia and here he is traveling a long ways from home and way back into nowhere. Besides that he had to go on quite a snow machine ride to get back there, all that bouncing around couldn't have felt good on that surgery site. His buddy Steve Dambacher assured me they would be careful and he wouldn't let anyone punch him in the belly.

Well, John is very good about keeping in touch when he is gone and fortunately the cell phone works up there. While he is gone, at least I don't have to watch him trying to do things I don't think he should! So what is one of the first things John tells me, "I sure gave Doc Sangster's stitches a work out." "What!!!!!!????" I exclaimed. It seems they were unable to get everything up the hill with just Steve's machine so they hooked onto John's. Well he got thrown off and hit his head. He said "I've got a bump on my head but the stitches held." I am just glad I wasn't there to see that. So it sounds like everything is set up now and they are having a great time. The weather has been beautiful and they are catching fish. He will return home Saturday and I sure hope he has all his pieces.

I hope all of you had a wonderful blessed Easter in our Risen Lord, and John will (hopefully).... See You Next Week

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