Reader wills ANWR to open

Posted: Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Quote (from Letters to the Editor, March 22); It is the will of the people of the USA that ANWR be saved for future generations.

Not my Will; guess you didn’t poll me. If you are quoting polls of today, they only represent about .0000001 percent of the USA population. The Katrina Hurricane was a terrible disaster, but if you want to poll for the “Will of the People”, then set up a table with the letters “ANWR” printed on it and ask what is it? Where is it? How many people live there? On what continent is it on? Just simple questions. And set up your stand on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, been there. The first answer you will get would be, Is it a new drink. Can I pick my welfare check up there. Can you drive there? Is it an animal rights group? Does it have anything to do with the war? Bush mentioned it one time didn’t he.

My best advice is, and I won’t be around to see it, but Park your cars, turn your heat down to about 40 degrees and electricity off as much as possible, I see an extreme problem in this area by that time. I remember 20 or more years ago it was mandated to increase gas mileage on cars. It didn’t happen as they went back to building the big engine trucks and SUVs that gobble gas. Now they say we have to do it in 10 years. They can do it in 2007 but the lawyers and millionaires in D.C. do not care about anything except accusing each other of doing nothing.

I remember in 1955 after being discharged from the Navy and serving in Korea that we moved to the Los Angeles areaand could not believe there was oil wells pumping in the back yards of houses in Santa Monica and Los Angeles area. That pristine wilderness wasnot destroyed. Look at it today. I believe in constructive dialogue. Do not attack my person like one person did in Kenai, but attack my beliefs with logic.

Paul Morrison


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