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Sophomore tests job market

Posted: Wednesday, March 29, 2006




My name is Elizabeth Barrett I go to Nikiski High school. For one of my classes were assigned to do a job shadow. So I got the pleasure of job shadowing Patrice Kohl -a writer at the Peninsula Clarion- I got to accompany her to an interview at the Challenger Center, it was a great experience. I was shown around the Center and even got the chance to watch a class do a mission in the simulator.

It was really awesome to see the kids working as a team. The best part was watching how the kids reacted to e-vents during their mission. For example, they ran in to a problem with their oxygen the kids were so calm, although it was only a simulation, but they did not panic.

Later we returned to the Clarion and Dori Lynn gave me a tour and I got to see where the paper is printed, as well as the many rolls of paper they have. From the outside, the building seems really small but in side and getting a good look around, one could get lost in it.

The time I spent there was very quiet, but there was not a time I wasn’t doing something. Though the life of a reporter does not, to some, seem very interesting it does have its surprises now and then.

Elizabeth Barrett is a sophomore at Nikiski High School.

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