'Moving forward' isn't progress

Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010

It is interesting to read Senator Begich's comments about the passage of health care as "moving forward," his catchall phrase for almost everything. We are to believe a "senator in training" who left his last job as mayor with such rose tinted financial views he negotiated sweet contracts for his union supporters but left a $20 million shortfall. For this "moving forward trainee" we pay $175,000 per year. He now will come home and try to tell us that a reduction in Medicare of five hundred billion dollars will be good for us. He discounts the fact that even without those cuts it is hard to find a doctor in Anchorage who accepts new Medicare patients. Politics he can do, adding and finance is beyond him. He can't see that most train wrecks occur while they are "moving forward."

Francis E. McGurgan


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