Oceans hold key to global warming

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Posted: Thursday, March 31, 2005

As the world marked the World Meteorological Day, serious questions continued to emerge as to the state of world climate.

The weather patterns seem to have changed so drastically that the rainy seasons have become virtually unpredictable and droughts have become more sporadic.

Scientists have for years warned about severe climatic changes caused by global warming. The 1990s has, for instance, been listed as the warmest decade in the past 1,000 years.

The reason for this, experts say, is the warming up of the oceans, something that has been gradually increasing every year.

Though scientists have studied global warming for decades, they have been hampered by lack of proper equipment.

Now, they claim to have it and they have pointed to the oceans as the source of the warming.

The work of saving the world environment is a collective one. But as a nation we can play our role by ensuring stricter laws on environmental pollution and the conservation of the environment.

Ultimately it is the human being that will ensure the destruction of the earth by his habits. It is also him or her that can stop global warming by showing a greater respect for the environment.

— The Standard, Nairobi, Kenya,

March 24

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