Intersection needs improvement to stop accidents

Posted: Friday, March 31, 2006

It was my misfortune to be involved in a traffic accident at 8 a.m. on Monday, March 20 at the intersection of Spur View Drive and Frontage Road in Kenai. The snow berm made it difficult to see oncoming traffic. After stopping on Spur View after leaving Senior Housing, I slowly entered the intersection and was struck by a vehicle traveling on Frontage from Bridge Access. The intersection of Spur View Drive and Frontage Road is the only intersection on Frontage that has NO stop sign !

The police and EMTs were very helpful and I wish to express my gratitude especially to Officer Ross and Fireman Satathite. Kenai is fortunate to have such capable and courteous civil servants. Later on that morning the snow berm was removed, but that intersection is still very dangerous. Anyone entering or leaving the senior center, senior housing, or Dr. Zirul’s office must navigate that intersection as the only access to those services.

I believe that placing a stop sign on Frontage, making this location a four-way stop would be appropriate for this intersection. I hope the Kenai City Fathers and Mothers, the “Powers-that be”, will consider this change.

Shirley M. Henley


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