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Posted: Monday, April 01, 2002

I was on a family outing with my kids and their friends at the Soldotna Elementary sledding hill when I jumped the fence. My knee hit the top of the chain-link fence. As I was going over, a wire in the fence went into my knee about 2 inches. I paused in shock, stranded at the top of the fence.

Richard Talmadge, 11, came over to see what I was doing. As my eyes crossed in pain, he noticed the thick wire in my knee. He grabbed the cell phone and called a family member to help, because I could not move.

When I didn't think things could get worse, my leg went numb and limp, so I couldn't hold it up. The wire continued to travel further and deeper into my leg, ripping my skin. Richard came over and helped me by holding my leg up, so I could get the wire out.

I am very thankful and proud to be in the presence of such great children. Richard has proven to be very smart, calm and together in a panic situation.

Too often, towns don't get to hear about the greatness of the children that live within the community. I feel that Richard Talmadge deserves community notable mention for his rescue efforts in a crisis situation.

I hope that more children can see through his example how important we all are to each other.

One child at a time that receives the encouragement from adults in our community can change the direction of our community.

Katherine Anglebrandt

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