Removing tax exemptions hurts those who need help the most

Posted: Friday, April 01, 2005

Folks, quite a few years back, we people of the borough voted, overwhelmingly, to not tax senior citizens and disabed veterans on their homes that they live in. This was done by a vote of the public, who realized the disabled and elderly could not work to make money to pay the taxes on their homes and, if they didn't, the borough government would take their homes away from them.

The voting public probably realized that they, too, would someday be elderly or disabled and unable to pay taxes on their homes. For instance, the assessed value increases so rapidly that a $100,000 home could be assessed at $200,000 or more in a few years.

Now the assembly introduced two ordinances to take away the tax relief voted on by the taxpayers. Ordinance 2005-07, by assemblyman Pete Sprague, would limit the senior and disabled exemption to $300,000. This was immediately followed by Ordinance 2005-09, by Mayor Dale Bagley, to charge seniors and disabled vets on all over $200,000. What's next?

Let's be fair. We, the public, voted this protection to seniors and disabled veterans and let's not let the assembly take it away — which they intend to do. If you think the borough assembly needs this money, I'd be pleased to show you how they have and are wastefully spending.

Don't let them do it. The next hearing is Tuesday.

Be at the meeting if you can, or at least call the assembly people and object. Veterans organizations, protect the disabled veterans.

So please do three things if possible:

1. Talk to your (or any) assembly member.

2. Write letters to the editor opposing this taxation.

3. Go to the meetings on April 5 and 19. Rides can be furnished, if needed.

Enough is enough. Thank you.

Stan Thompson


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