Teens should focus on others, not themselves


Posted: Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What do teenagers think about? This is something that I wonder myself, even though I am one. At times I feel like I am the only one to feel the way I do until I open my mouth and tell someone. Even then I feel like we are not on the same level and no amount of explaining can make anyone understand what I care about.

I feel one teenager does not represent an entire population of teenagers, because every brain within a skull contains different thoughts. I am not part of a greater "we." Every teenager wants something different than the greater whole. Some kids try to keep a band together, some kids get manicures and some people want a 4.34513425 grade point average.

I, myself, do not care in the least bit about being a valedictorian because I know that in the end, my college will fit me perfectly, and not the other way around.

I believe too many people care too much what others think. Kids that buy name brand clothing need to realize its just thread they are wasting money on. I just love how many people are trapped in other people's beliefs and cannot even think for themselves.

Lately, I've been focusing on making myself a well-rounded person. I deleted my Myspace, which is essentially human advertising, and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. This related directly in freeing up more time for me to read the dust-collecting books on my shelf and to think about things other than how awesome I want everybody to think I am.

Now that I don't live on the Internet, I can talk to people in real life and see how beautiful everything about them is. I'm taking the time to listen to music I've never heard of and talk to people I care about.

The time to start making big decisions is approaching, and I have to start caring right now. Being fulfilled in life isn't something that happens naturally, it's something that takes effort, like reading books other than what's on the best-seller list and eating healthy, for example.

My wish is for people to be less involved with themselves and to generally care about others.

This article is the opinion of Sophia Taeschner. Taeschner is a junior at Skyview High School.

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