Caring for others

Posted: Friday, April 01, 2011

We live in a small community and have some great resources to help people who struggle with ordinary life skills, or maybe just down on their luck, or, sad to say, afflicted with addictions of all kinds, as well.

I resided at a facility where the structure was intense. When the day drew near to my leaving that facility, a gentleman had been telling me of another resource in our community. So I checked it out and wouldn't you know it! I went from one super-structured environment into another, I had resided at the new place for a short time (maybe several months), and today I cruise in the right direction because of the structure,

and most of all, the resources that are in place in our community.

I had stopped by a friend's home yesterday because I had heard he was not doing well. When I walked in I was saddened with his situation and pleaded for him to seek help. When I walked outside there was an police officer, and he says, "Tom, how is your friend?" I said, "Sir, he's OK I think, but needs some help for sure!" I had heard later on that my friend was escorted to speak with someone for his well being. This would be structure in our community.

My point is when people seek a warm meal and a place to rest, perhaps they have reached a point in there lives of complete desperation and/or never had any kind of structure in their life.

I have witnessed many people walking the streets who have not been allowed to attend certain support groups that have save millions of lives. When a person has several months' sobriety under his or her belt and is asked to move on -- walk the streets because they just could not follow the structure that's in place and or rules -- that only sets them up for failure. Undoing a life time of self destruction and chaos will be a life long process and hard work.

Today I walk proud and my head high because of the resources in our community, and a lot of hard work -- and I am very thankful for the warm welcome and structured environment upon my leaving prison. I am a strong one and I believe out of hundreds and hundreds of people who tried to follow the structure/rules, I am one of just a few who has made it.

But maybe something needs to be adjusted in the current system. Not all who have been asked to move on have relapsed in any way, only had difficulty with a few of the rules.

I have written this today out of care and concern for all not to hurt any one in any way. These resources are much needed in our community,

Thomas Phillips


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