Pulling together for the future of Kenai

Posted: Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Kenai City government and the Kenai Chamber of Commerce have had a good working relationship over the years. Now comes a call from City and Chamber leaders for the forging of a new partnership to pull together on specific issues for the well being of the entire community.

City Councilman Duane Bannock introduced the concept recently during the Chambers annual membership drive. Crediting the business community with a 7 percent increase over last year in taxable sales, Bannock called for chamber members to become more actively involved in how those additional monies will be appropriated. To underscore his call for more involvement in the budgeting process, Bannock said he would ask the council to permanently add the chamber to the regular council agenda.

Kenai City Mayor John Williams joined the call by adding that a strong partnership with the chamber was integral to the well being of the community. Citing extreme budget-cutting measures before the legislature, Williams said, "You cannot shut down government in a place like Alaska. We are the frontier, and the frontiers of any nation are historically supported by the base of the nation." William's idea is that the chamber and the city work together to carry their message to Juneau.

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