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Posted: Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Is Legislature cutting necessary services, leaving fluff alone?

The headline on the March 31 edition of the Clarion declares "Budget cuts taking aim at DOT services." The subheadline declares "No shortage of road projects planned."

Is it me, or is this one of the best examples of how our Legislature is using cuts in state-mandated services, while leaving fluff programs alone, to scare us into new taxes and forfeiting our annual dividend?

Until some real fiscal responsibility is exercised by those in Juneau, how do they expect to be taken seriously?

Don Gough

North Kenai

Two issues deserve comment

1. We, the majority of the state's voters, should be able to vote on the subsistence issue, and;

2. Senate Bill 182 is another crock. Why are politicians supposed to consistently cut benefits for people who either can't find adequate work or can't work at all?

Why does being poor or disabled mean a person or family should not be able to have a phone? Or have no rights to medical care?

I know -- boo hoo.

Cheri Edwards


Uniformed majority cannot be trusted to protect individual rights

Should there be a vote to amend the Alaska Constitution and give rural residents exclusionary preference to hunt and fish?

Instead, why don't those willing to give up their own equal rights, just do so? And let the rest of citizens have their constitutional equal access rights to those common property fish and wildlife resources.

If all citizens are permitted to take the fish needed for personal consumption, it would amount to less than 10 percent of the total Alaska fishery harvest; 90 percent is sold to foreign markets.

Less than 90 percent of the public has never read or understood the Alaska and U.S. constitutions' mandates of equality. Political goals do not abrogate the equal protection of the people as a whole.

Judge Robert Bork stated that an uninformed majority or a vocal minority cannot be trusted to protect individual basic rights by a popular vote.

Dale Bondurant


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