Officials want older Alaskans to pay for state's excess spending

Posted: Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I think I have figured out the source of our present senior tug-of-war over the longevity fund. The leaders of our government who are backing the elimination of this fund since we are not dying off fast enough to please them, are really not completely cut off from their mother's apron strings.

All their growing-up years, the parents were there to pay any obligations they could not make from their own allowances, and fund their higher educations. As they are now employed by the state, the income still equates to an allowance from the parent group. As a result, it is only natural that the senior family members should pay off this nasty debt we all share, and their meager bit will make such a large dent in it, won't it? So what if the quality of their lives drops to a bare living status; they are all old and have had enough fun in their lives, right?

Just as a reminder, this older generation who qualified for the original longevity plan did pay school tax and did pay income tax. We paid them with the idea our children would be educated and given the opportunity to make the state more advanced in outlook and efficient in operation. What happened? What will this next generation have to look forward to if only the affluent children are able to go to pre-school and partake of the extra classes and activities that will place them in the mainstream of society?

It's a sad situation when a welfare state becomes desirable, as is indicated by my response from a letter to the Governor. It was a standard form letter to any senior and enclosed a list of all the "safety net" public assistance programs. It also outlined why the idea of a "thank you" to seniors is no longer considered necessary, and that this strata of our society should be only too happy to support the excesses of the our well-paid officials.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Georgia L. Griffin


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