Writer seeks clarity in editorial headline

Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007

The 20 March guest editorial that I published in the Peninsula Clarion was accidentally given a misleading headline by the PC staff. Whatever bias exists in press releases by Northern Dynasty/Pebble is no greater than bias in releases by their supporters or opponents. We are all trapped in an adversarial process where bias inherent. It is not ND or “Truth About Pebble” or “Renewable Resources Coalition” or any other entity that deserves condemnation, but the adversarial half-truth approach. For however much that might benefit special interest groups, it is highly abusive of the public.

My editorial pointed out possible ways abuses could occur, were ND to play the game as many “developers” do. Instead of fixing blame on any of these entities, we need to fix the process by making it more open and objective. No one can do more to foster objectivity than Northern Dynasty by opening its environmental impact research as specified in my editorial. Beyond that, it’s up to their critics to shift from fear-mongering into helping gather and access sound scientific information. Disciplined research is a lot harder and a lot less sexy than touting risk-free riches or making doomsday predictions. But it’s the only path to wise decisions.

Stephen F. Stringham, Ph.D.

President, WildWatch Consulting

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