Civil unions the way to solve same-sex benefits issue

Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007

I have grown weary of the barrage of letters proclaiming my marriage is in danger because the Alaska Supreme Court declared that the state must provide benefits to same sex partners. I am in my 45th year of marriage, and I don’t feel threatened at all.

I put most of the noise makers pushing for the constitutional amendment into one of three groups: the con men, including too many ministers, using the issue to raise money and/or get political power, the dupes who listen to them and send them their checks, and the people unsure of their own sexuality such as the Oklahoma minister Haggard.

I sent Governor Palin an email shortly after she took office that the way to deal with the issue is to create a civil union similar to a partnership under the Universal Commercial Code. It should not be limited to same sex couples, and it should not be limited to state employees. It would be filed with the courts and require court approval to dissolve the partnership. It would set out rights and responsibilities. No contract agreement, no benefits. Only the truly committed need apply. A reasonable solution for complying with the Constitution of the state of Alaska. Will this happen? Will the snowballs the con men take with them to Hell withstand the heat?

Having the non-binding vote was/is a waste of state moneys, but the majority of Legislators love political posturing and hate mongering to rally their conned base. What local needs will go unmet because the state wasted money on a special election on this issue?

William Phillips


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