Quakers urge ‘no’ vote

Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007

Guided by our religious faith, the Quakers of the Homer Friends Meeting urge Alaskans to vote No on the April 3rd ballot measure. This ballot is to advise an amendment to the state constitution. The amendment would prohibit non-married domestic partners of public employees from receiving employment benefits.

We urge a No vote based on three traditional testimonies. Quakers hold that there is “that of God” in everybody. Since all people embody the same divine spark, all people deserve fair and equal treatment. Passage of this measure would promote the introduction of discrimination into our state constitution, by giving unequal treatment to all partnerships other than marriage.

We, as Quakers, hold strong the testimony of community; that we are accountable to our neighbors and fellow citizens. Community requires strong ties of support and obligation. In short, we are called to be, as Jesus taught, our brothers’ keeper. Our society does this in part by providing employment benefits.

The testimony of integrity is also central to Quakers. Integrity often manifests as fair dealing or honesty. According to our faith, people are due fair wages for their work, and equal wages and benefits for equal work. We believe that unmarried couples in committed, loving relationships are as entitled as their married co-workers to compensation that includes medical benefits and retirement plans.

We urge all Alaskans who prize equality, community, and integrity to vote No on April 3rd. On behalf of Homer Friends Meeting,

Art Koeninger and Ginger Bryant

Homer Friends Meeting co-clerks

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