Top-shelf library needs support

Posted: Monday, April 02, 2007

There are many factors involved with achieving success in attaining the goals we set. None are more important than acquiring information and knowledge and having equal and easy access to both. That’s why having a top shelf library which continues to grow as the community and its needs also continue to grow is so important for individuals and the community as a whole to be successful in attaining their goals.

There simply is no place else that comes close to not only supplying easy and equal access to a wealth of information and knowledge but also providing this access to everyone free and for a very minimal cost you can even rent audio-visual equipment. Indeed public libraries are one of the shining examples of true democracy in a nation that continually espouses unwavering affection for all things democratic.

The Kenai Public Library has been the “jewel” of libraries on the Kenai Peninsula, thanks in large part to people, such as; Emily DeForest, former Library Director, Mary Jo Joiner, present Library Director, and many, many volunteers. Now it’s time to join in and show our support for the expansion of this facility.

We as individuals can have a say and make a positive difference in our lives and the future of the community by supporting this expansion. Remember you don’t have to reside in Kenai to use, benefit from, enjoy, and support the library. In fact, at the present time more than half of the library’s patrons live outside the city of Kenai, and I imagine that many of these people are like me, and they also patronize many of Kenai’s businesses when they come to Kenai to use its library. So if it’s important to you to keep democracy thriving, keep knowledge and information easily and equally accessible, and to keep the Peninsula on a progressive path, there are a couple of things you can do.

One is to contact the members of the Kenai City Council and tell them how important it is for their excellent library to keep growing in order to meet the needs of the community. Also write a letter to the editor of the Peninsula Clarion supporting this needed expansion.

As many in the community know the Kenai Library has recently received a quite prestigious national award which is given to only one library in the nation annually. From what I understand, this is the third award it has recently received. These awards are just further proof of how worthy of expansion this top shelf quintessentially democratic facility is.

John M. Gordon


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