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Posted: Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sanitation isn't free. Good citizens, lay and corporate, pay their sanitation costs. Making a mess means taking responsibility. No exceptions.

The constant media barrage and Web site opposing the Clean Water Initiative obviously costs more than a few Concerned Alaskans can afford without help. Whose help? Who benefits?

If this misinformation campaign succeeds, the mining industry does. They're committed to harvesting the resource. They're spending media money now for exemption from sanitation costs in order to increase shareholder dividends and profits later.

Expecting good corporate citizenship from the mining industry means we'll have to force them to it with a sanitation regulation; the Clean Water Initiative.

The initiative is a sanitation regulation like those making food in stores and restaurants safe and keeping us from dumping sewer and garbage in the street. We'll have no economic Armageddon if the initiative passes; we will without protection for our resources and the jobs and future that already depend on them.

Arliss Sturgulewki and the other AAMS supporters listed at should answer for condoning manipulation of public opinion by industry and outsiders; the registered owner of lives in Virginia.

Don't be fooled; the mining industry must pay their sewer bill. A good citizen calls a spade a spade; this is a spade. I'm calling it.

Wayne D. Jones


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