Legislators continue to ignore public by raiding permanent fund

Posted: Thursday, April 03, 2003

The representatives that we elected should represent the will of the people. 83 percent of the people of Alaska voted to not touch the permanent fund dividend. Without their vote, Rep. Paul Seaton co-sponsored HB 11, which will erode the PFD by shifting 25 percent of incoming royalties of the PFD to the general fund, thereby giving it to the government to spend.

Our representatives should in no way support this bill. They should instead support getting HJR 3 voted on in the House and get this bill out of committee.

HJR 3 would require a 60 percent vote of the voters in Alaska and would protect any erosion of the PFD or its earnings. That is what the voters wanted Sept. 14, 1999. If representatives do not do the will of the people, they should be replaced by those who will. For more information, go to www.akvoters.org/pfd.htm

Ed Martin, Sr.


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