Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Writer seeks clarity in editorial headline
The 20 March guest editorial that I published in the Peninsula Clarion was accidentally given a misleading headline by the PC staff. Whatever bias

Quakers urge ‘no’ vote
Guided by our religious faith, the Quakers of the Homer Friends Meeting urge Alaskans to vote No on the April 3rd ballot measure. This ballot is to advise an amendment to the state constitution. The amendment would prohibit non-married domestic partners of public employees from receiving employment benefits.

State should expand health coverage, not restrict it
Contrary to the Bible quoting letters to the editor, the advisory vote on April 3 is not about whether voters approve of gays and lesbians and their same-sex relationships or not.

Reader: Too late to pull troops?
It is time to make the tough decision and bring our troops home. Our presence there does much more harm than good. We never should have gone in the first place, but I am afraid that at this point there is no graceful way out.

Civil unions the way to solve same-sex benefits issue
I have grown weary of the barrage of letters proclaiming my marriage is in danger because the Alaska Supreme Court declared that the state must provide benefits to same sex partners. I am in my 45th year of marriage, and I don’t feel threatened at all.

Top-shelf library needs support
There are many factors involved with achieving success in attaining the goals we set. None are more important than acquiring information and knowledge and having equal and easy access to both. That’s why having a top shelf library which continues to grow as the community and its needs also continue to grow is so important for individuals and the community as a whole to be successful in attaining their goals.

Writer disagrees with editorial
You provided the following statement (Clarion editorial, March 9): “ In two days, we receive more than 30 letters. Some were angry with her. Some were angry with us. They said we should be ashamed of ourselves for printing it, and that we would never have done that if it were about blacks or Jews. They’re right, we wouldn’t have. However, to be an atheist, you make a conscious choice.”

Dawson should keep job
I am writing this in response to the decision to remove Jim Dawson from Mt. View Elementary. I can’t begin to express my shock. Here is a gentleman that has been in our district for 23 years. He is an icon in this community for his leadership role with children. He not only welcomes all children he mentors them. When kids come to school with a problem they can count on Mr. D as they call him, to be there for them. I have been the parent, the volunteer and the employee. I can attest that Mr. Dawson not only addresses every problem but he also addresses every child by name.

What will be next for wolves?
We are poised on a slippery slope of wildlife mismanagement and have taken our first step downward with Gov. Palin’s wolf bounty. When there are so few good answers to the management issues, more and more the state is listening to a minority of extremists who cry out to kill wolves, kill bears, kill so we may have more to kill in turn.

Theft amount surpasses $150,000
A Kenai grand jury indicted Sheryl Dilley, the Salamatof Seafoods bookkeeper arrested for embezzling last week, on 111 criminal counts including 104 counts of second-degree forgery.

Cap on tax break may be up to voters
Some senior citizens and disabled veterans who’ve been exempted from paying any property taxes on their primary residences could soon see their free ride disappear.

Groups ask state’s help in tracking emissions
Cook Inletkeeper and several other environmental organizations have petitioned the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation asking that the state adopt regulations requiring companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions.

Enstar suit may affect prices
While many Alaskans are keeping their eye on prospects for getting North Slope natural gas to market — either within the state or in the Lower 48 — a less-publicized gas-supply skirmish has entered the Alaska courts.

School board to OK budget
The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is scheduled to take action on the budget for the 2007-08 school year at its meeting tonight at the Borough Building in Soldotna.

Soldotna council approves river pollution proposal
Fearing federal intervention to remove hydrocarbon pollutants from the Kenai River, the city of Soldotna took a first step Wednesday, giving its OK to a state Board of Fisheries regulation proposal.

Ice not so nice anymore
Whether partaking in skiing, snowmachining, dog mushing, ice fishing or checking a trap line, ice safety should be on the mind of all outdoor enthusiasts who cross frozen lakes and rivers this late in the winter recreation season.

Soldotna OKs river pollution proposal
Fearing federal intervention to remove hydrocarbon pollutants from the Kenai River, the city of Soldotna took a first step Wednesday, giving its OK to a state Board of Fisheries regulation proposal.

Style versus substance: What Alaska needs right now is a long-range fiscal plan
In 1837 Hans Christian Andersen penned his classic tale, “The Emperor’s New Suit.” A story about a politician so consumed about appearance, he attempts to persuade his constituents into believing thin air is actually a magnificent fabric. Style versus substance.

Community Events
Group offers help to those in need

Grateful friend thanks caregivers
I would like to commend Peninsula General Hospital and the staff for excellent care given to one of our seniors recently. While everyone was kind and considerate during this difficult time; some of the staff went the extra mile to meet the needs of the patient, as well as the family of friends who were keeping round the clock vigil to offer moral support to a true friend and pioneer.

Peninsula Reflections
Below the roots of Spruce Grove Memorial Park are at least 18 individuals older than the trees. This article continues the series on folks who bivouacked 90 birthdays and are now remembered in the shade of that Grove.

Around the Peninsula
Democrats to meet, eat Ladies’ night is nigh HEA planning annual meeting Refuge looking for youth workers

Around the Peninsula
Democrats to meet, eat Food bank plans one-day closure Book fair slated Kasilof book fair planned Gardening club seeks members Shorebird festival to take wing

· Michele Lamb Augur and Calvin Augur of Lebanon, Ore., announce the birth of their daughter, Genevieve Lynn, on Monday, Dec. 4, 2006. She weighed 7 pounds.

Peninsula People
Baker to travel abroad Watkins honored McCoy graduates Zuber artwork awarded Elks table tennis results Poetry contest winners announced

Roberts has rare combination
In the training camp leading up to the state championship 2006 season, the Soldotna football team faced the green mile.

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