Don't be afraid to ask for quiet

Posted: Friday, April 03, 2009

When did movies become social hour?

When I was a young man going to the movies was one of the things that we did rarely but when we did it was fine to talk right up until the lights dimmed and the previews started to roll. It was a sacred rule: You don't talk at the movies!

These days, however, it seems like many people are treating the movie theater as social hour. The last five times I've gone to the movies have been an exercise in controlling my temper. People, young and old alike, are loudly talking, giggling, laughing (not at the movie, mind you) and bouncing up and down in their seats. To add insult to injury and despite the myriad of advertisements before the movie, they still insist on flipping open their bright cell phones and texting in the middle of the show.

Unfortunately, because people these days are afraid of any kind of conflict, they are hesitant to turn around and tell those making noise to sit down and be quiet. I was one of these people until the last time when a father, his son and two daughters were laughing and talking all the way through the movie. I was so mad that I went to the manager of the theater and told her what happened. She was very gracious and said next time to let them know and they would ask them to leave.

So please don't be afraid to tell a noisy person to be quiet. If you really aren't comfortable telling them, go to the manager of the theater or ask one of the ushers who walk down the aisles throughout the movie.

Andy Adams


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