War with Iraq is necessary to ensure global stability

Posted: Friday, April 04, 2003

As we all know, the current war with Iraq is a very controversial issue. I believe it is a crude awakening to the reality of the world's economic and diplomatic instablity. Time and time again people are attempting to contradict President Bush and his administration with their dealings with foreign relations. As much as people believe differently, the war in Iraq is entirely necessary. Saddam and his regime have molded Iraq into a completely unstable environment, which cannot be reversed without an absolute change of power. Although many people do not understand that.

Instead, they say the United States is attempting to be the "police of the world" and trying to dip its hand in issues that are not any of its business. But if we do not revoke Saddam's power in Iraq and bring his regime to a brunt and forced end, who will? The United Nations has already shown how ineffective it has been in dealing with the entire issue. The UN is a highly respected organization, although its incompetence is finally being seen.

Bush and his administration were the first to see that. They have realized that they have to take action because no one else will. The UN attempted to solve the issue diplomatically, working with the U.S. to encourage Saddam to surrender his weapons of mass destruction. But what will that have really done? If he did comply and did give up his weapons, he would still be in power. Saddam would still be able to create havoc upon the country that he so blatantly calls his own.

Iraq needs to be revolutionized and given back to the people who have suffered for too long. This war is the only way to stop the chaotic ways of the current Iraqi government. And when that objective is finally reached and the country of Iraq is stabilized, only then will an effective government and economy be able to be created so that the people of Iraq can live as well as U.S. citizens do and take for granted everyday. The war in Iraq is truly being fought for freedom and the only way freedom is obtained is by taking a stand and doing what's right.

Mike Romer, Fairbanks

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