Is there a vote behind the talk?

Posted: Thursday, April 06, 2006

I hear so many people complain about government, what our Legislature is doing, what our governor is doing or not doing and more. We listen to sound off and read Peninsula Clarion and even the Ear in the Anchorage paper. Many people need to ask themselves what they are really doing to change the situation to their liking. Are they registered to vote? Many are not. Are they participating in party politics?

I believe many are just complainers and like to hear themselves talk. For some of you the opportunity to participate is coming up April 8, Saturday at 10 a.m. District 33-34 Democrats are having their district caucus at Kenai Peninsula College. Electing of delegates to go to the May Convention in Anchorage is the main order of business along with new officers and any other matter a Democrat would like to bring up. You may come and register to vote at this meeting, as we are in an election year and participation in democracy is your most important, right as an American and Alaskan.

Blake Johnson


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