Biking to work can be act of patriotism

Posted: Monday, April 07, 2003

The decision to move against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was based in large part on the calculated fear that the Iraqi leader's weapons of mass destruction could be shared with terrorists unafraid to use them against the United States and our allies. Concern about human rights abuses suffered by the Iraqi people at the hands of a ruthless dictator also was considered.

But more conspicuous to the rest of the world might be our nation's tangible interest in oil reserves of the Middle East.

Instability in the Middle East inevitably motivates Americans to seek ways to reduce dependence upon that region for U.S. energy needs. Unfortunately, as long as our nation is predominantly fueled by oil, there is a limit to how much that dependence may be reduced.

Some lawmakers in Congress are looking for ways to reduce oil dependence by reducing overall consumption. One small plan would reward people who ride their bikes to work. ...

Those effects might be compared with the savings to a household from adjusting the thermostat a few degrees and turning off lights in unoccupied rooms. Over time, thousands of dimes add up to hundreds of dollars. ...

The Bike Commuter Act, which has failed to gain much support in Congress in previous years, might be subtle, but it sends the right message. ...

The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.) - March 31

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