Voters made right choice in saying no to more taxes

Posted: Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Voters on the Kenai Peninsula indicated their displeasure with a borough assembly tax and power grab by voting down a school issue.

Proposition 1, if approved by voters, would have moved another basic government service outside of the boroughwide real property tax cap. This deceptive tactic is increasingly used by government to expand their cost and powers, beyond limits previously set by law.

Historically, school bond issues have been approved by voters almost without question. Sometimes these bonds are really needed, but often it becomes obvious after the election they were not. The combination of a wasteful state Legislature and an overzealous school board has resulted in about 20 percent excess Kenai Peninsula schools at a time of declining enrollments. Now because of the arcane state funding formula these schools cannot be closed and tax savings realized.

Fortunately, the majority of voters on the peninsula were not fooled again by an election to take more money from the taxpayers, under the pretense of benefiting our children. Voters simply expect the school board to live within its means just like we do.

Results of Proposition 1 clearly indicated the public favors a smaller, more efficient government. This should be a wake up call not only for local governments, but also for those hiding in Juneau, because statewide elections are coming next.

Mike McBride, North Kenai

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