Alaska should lead way in energy research

Posted: Friday, April 07, 2006

On March 28, the Clarion printed letters about opening ANWR and producing our own oil here in Alaska. I agree with both and neither. Why do we have to keep worrying about the cost and issue of oil and petroleum products? Why can’t we become one of the leaders in the nation and have serious money put into alternative fuels and alternative energy?

Cities and states in the Lower 48 are succeeding in creating jobs and cutting costs by making these ideas a reality. National Geographic Magazine a couple of months ago reported that if Alaska were to put up enough solar collection panels we could sell electricity to the Pacific Coast region and make a serious profit in just a couple of years. With the money that we have in surplus in the permanent fund, we wouldn’t break a sweat paying for this option but skeptics would say we only have enough sunlight six months out of the year.

So? Let’s be a leader in energy resources not just for oil but for the other things that we can provide, not just for the state and our children’s children but for the rest of the country. Can you say “geothermal vents”?

Dave Briscoe


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