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Posted: Monday, April 07, 2008

Dave and Dawnie Watson of Cohoe Loop are back from Macedonia, where they spent three weeks visiting their daughter, Anna. She grew up in Cohoe but is teaching school for Quality Schools International in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Anna and a classmate from Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho are roommates and both teaching at this facility.

Typical students have English speaking parents who work in Macedonia, but that hasn't stopped Anna from learning to speak Macedonian. The school had spring break while the Watsons were there, which allowed them to travel together. They enjoyed the sights and were especially impressed with Meteora, an area with butte-like rock formations several hundred feet high, topped with monasteries several hundred years old. "Meteora" is Greek for, "suspended in air."

Dave observed the drivers and felt the Macedonians smacked of danger. "I wouldn't want to drive there," he said. "The traffic is insane."

Bob Vaderwege has been chosen as the new principal of Tustumena Elementary School. His wife, Carol, has been a Title I teacher there.

Shay Montoya is a kindergartner at Tustumena. Her family won the Easter basket at the Kasilof Easter egg hunt.

Kasilof artist Zirrus VanDevere has a mixed-media exhibit, "Spirit Moves Through Everything," at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center. The display is open for viewing Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ice racing is over for the year. Weekly races were held this winter as usual on the lake behind the Decanter Inn. Ralph Mills and his wife, Roxy, took home a trophy each, one for the men's and one for the women's division. Tracy Harris won the pitman's division and Brianna Kitchen pulled a fast one on the boys to win the teen division. Six cars participated on big days. Everyone involved will gather for a season finale banquet.

The public is invited to a 7 p.m. April 13 meeting of the Historical Association at the McLane Center. A video of pioneer Freda Lewis will be presented with a panel of Kasilof post-World War II homesteaders.

Kasilof is a bedroom community for folks who work in town or at the oil patch. Commuting is a regular activity for workers who sleep in Paradise. Since the gas price hike hit, however, sourdoughs are ready to hitchhike. Thumbing is legal on the Sterling Highway but not safe. Carpooling is the way to go and bicycles would be better if the highway had a pair of docile and paved shoulders. There are, however, ways to save gas. According to CNNMoney.com, fuel savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved if you drive passively; accelerate gently, avoid hard braking and reduce speed. For an illustration, try walking a quarter mile, and then turn around and run the same distance. Einstein wrote something like: mass x speed = energy, so less energy (gas) is needed for less speed.

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