MAPS resident feels besieged

Posted: Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Have you ever felt like you were in a movie? Right now the neighborhood of MAPS (McCollum, Magic, Aliak, Princess, Spur) feel like William Wallace in "Braveheart" -- threatened, bullied, intimidated.

Queen Mayor Porter and Lords, Sir Ross, Sir Moore, Sir Eldridge have invaded our neighborhood. Plundered and pillaged our property and our way of life for the benefit of their kingdom. According to rumors this is a deteriorating corridor?

Nobles of old promised we serfs could have RR1 zoning (the most restrictive) "in the 1985 deal." In return we could have a say in how it was developed, in exchange for paying higher water and sewer assessments. In return for these promises, we have broken our back, paid taxes and made improvements to these lands for the benefit of the "kingdom with a future." On a new petition to our government 50 of 50 residents contacted, rejected any change to our zoning, but wishes have fallen on deaf ears. None of these resident serfs have requested this rezone.

Who are we, to challenge these four votes? Many of us have only lived 20, 30, 40 and 50 years in this small quaint way, where it's "all for one, one for all." Three generational families live and thrive here. Sons and daughters have built in these highlands for the security of all.

I will now call on all clans, near to us or far -- McCollum, Magic, Aliak, Princess, Spur, Redoubt, Walker, Rodgers, Forrest, Hutto, Beluga and all -- join the growing majority in discontent and take hold of your lands.

You four statesmen will try to conquer us by taking one strip at a time. It is now time to stand in defiance against this tyranny and your disregard for us.

What can we do without our freedoms? You may try to take our homes and lands away from us -- but from this day forward you can never have our spirit and (MAPS) sons and daughters will be yours no more!

Pat McCollum Falkenberg


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